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Prices are expected to be around Rs 15 lakh

Alongside the 2. Prices are expected to be around Rs 15 lakh.2.0-litre 300PS/700Nm diesel engine which will be mated to an eight-speed gearbox sending power to all the four wheels. The F-Pace SUV made its India debut at the 2016 Auto Expo and will arrive in the country with two diesel engine options.Will all these cars about to flood the market within a short span of three months, the year 2016 sure packs a strong punch to go out with a bang!Source: CarDekho.0-litre petrol engine as well. The Hexa will have a 2. 1. It will be available in both manual and automatic variants.3. Thus, car manufacturers are bringing in the new variants of their existing SUVs to expand their product line-up.

When launched, it might actually give the Innova a run for its money. Complementing the muscular looks of the cross are wraparound tail lamps, projector headlamps with DRLs, 19-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels, smart USB charging ports, a bigger Harman-powered ConnectNext infotainment system, and twin exhausts. This combination results in a 0-100kmph time of 6.7 seconds and a top speed of 208kmph. The top-end ‘R-Sport’ variant will feature a big 3. Let's have a look on the top three upcoming UVs in India to be launched within next three months.0-litre diesel which is available in the Elantra and not the old 1. Tata HexaAfter its showcase at the 2016 Auto Expo, the Tata Hexa cross has been quite popular among MPV lovers. Petrol variants will follow in some time. Expected to launch in October, this SUV will have the 2.2-litre VARICOR diesel engine which will produce 156PS of power and 400Nm of torque.

The love for utility vehicles has taken over China low-pressure injection molds Suppliers the automotive world and has adversely affected the sales of sedans. Jaguar F-PaceAnother festive season launch, this big boy SUV from Jaguar will make the festivals a lot more joyful. Hyundai TucsonTo challenge the market of the Mahindra XUV500, Hyundai is letting the Tucson SUV make a comeback in the Indian market. As the festive season in India is fast approaching, new UVs are lined up for their entry into the market.0-litre diesel will be a 2.2 seconds and a top speed of 241kmph. This SUV will be launched in its latest generation and bridge the gap between the Santa Fe and the Creta in Hyundai's SUV portfolio. The smaller 2.6-litre unit from the Verna and Creta (which was expected earlier). This successor to the Tata Aria has the looks of an SUV and the practicality of a seven-seater MPV.0-litre 180PS/430Nm diesel engine will also be paired to an eight-speed automatic gearbox and will have a 0-100kmph time of 8

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When it comes to VC investment scenario in India

Kolkata: A steep fall in Chinese venture capital investment has dragged down the overall Q4 VC investment globally. The continued decline in deal volume was felt in every region, but was particularly pronounced in Europe – which saw deal volume drop from 882 deals in Q418 to 487 deals in Q119.The largest deals for the quarter included a $5 billion investment in New York-based The Geely NL-5 Door Panel Factory We Company and a $4. The overall venture capital (VC) investment, which had reached record heights of $71 billion in Q418, has now come down to $53 billion in Q119 and analysts attributed this sharp fall to the significant drop in Chinese VC investment, among other factors.

Interestingly however, when it comes to VC investment scenario in India, there has been a positive growth in the country as automotive services companies gained ground. The US and European VC investment also remained relatively robust quarter over quarter during this period, the report said. At least thats what the Q119 edition of KPMG Enterprises Venture Pulse report suggested.The KPMG study said that although India may not have seen any $1 billion+ rounds this quarter, the country attracted a number of $100 million+ deals. The sector has evolved from companies simply offering online digital classes to providing access to both online and offline tutorial offerings, to now offering even more innovative options. There has been no clear leader in this case, so to say. In Q119, the US saw continued strength in deal value, reaching $32. Venture investment in the US also remained strong.

In fact, automobile marketplace platforms also continued to receive attention and this trend is expected to continue for the next several quarters, it said. "Edtech has the potential to become a truly breakout sector in India. Automotive services companies, for instance, were a big hit with VC investors in Q119. With no clear leader in the space, many companies are competing to develop content and raise funding rounds. It is anyones game -which will make the next few quarters very critical," said Nitish Poddar, Partner and National Leader - Private Equity, KPMG in India.The report said that globally, VC deal volume declined for the fourth consecutive quarter with only 2,657 deals – representing the lowest number in 31 quarters – since Q211.5 billion investment in Singapores Grab Taxi.6 billion - the second highest quarterly total in the past 7 years.Interestingly, there have been other lucrative and potentially key sectors in India as well, which can come up really big.

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As we move to a higher level of autonomy in vehicles

The three sensors "complement each other very efficiently.Like Mobileye, Velodyne, a leading supplier of laser-based lidar systems, works with many of the world’s top automakers, including Ford, GM, BMW, Toyota Honda Motor Co and Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz.The valuations of some self-driving startups "may even increase if there are companies that can solve some of the issues" the Tesla accident raised, said Quin Garcia, managing director of AutoTech Ventures, a Mercedes-Benz ML-350 Grille Silicon Valley investment firm. Delphi plans to combine information from the lidar system with radar and other driver assistance technology to create a 360-degree view around a car, a company official said.2-billion acquisition earlier this year of another self-driving startup, Cruise Automation. The company is providing LED-based lidar systems to French supplier Valeo, which also buys vision-based systems from Mobileye. The company said its system would have had trouble distinguishing a white semi-trailer positioned across a road against a bright sky. But regulators are also concerned that drivers could be lulled into unsafe behavior by systems that take control for a time, but expect human operators to re-take command in an emergency. "The tradeoff is quite clear: Some safety improvement is better than none. More than half of that revenue in 20 years, Goldman estimates, will come from radar, cameras and lidar, a sensor that uses laser – all tools considered essential to building vehicles that can pilot themselves.2 million globally - by up to 90 per cent.Germany's Robert Bosch, which has been developing self-driving components and systems for more than 15 years, buys lidar from an unnamed Tier II supplier and intends to package it in a highly automated “highway pilot” system intended for series production in 2020, said spokesman Tim Wieland.Delphi has an investment in Quanergy, one of more than 50 self-driving startups that together have raised more than $800 million in investment capital in the past decade, according to a Reuters analysis of publicly available data.Delphi Automotive PLC plans to build lidar vision systems with technology from Quanergy Systems, which makes solid state lidar systems.Among the potential beneficiaries of this growing interest is LeddarTech, a relatively young startup based in Canada's Quebec City.

Mobileye plans by 2020 to offer a hardware/software system that can gather, fuse and analyze data from 20 different sensors, including cameras, lidar and radar. The agency also is expected to roll out this summer broad guidelines for deploying autonomous vehicle technology.A survey conducted by AlixPartners in June - before the Tesla accident was reported publicly - found that 90 per cent of respondents would be interested in a self-driving car that would let the driver take the wheel from time to time.The May 7 death of Ohio technology company owner Joshua Brown in a Tesla Motors Inc Model S while the car's semi-automated Autopilot system was engaged highlighted the limitations of current automated driving systems.Tesla’s Autopilot system uses cameras and radar, but not lidar."Bosch sees the necessity for a sensor setup that includes radar, video and lidar," Wieland said.Goldman Sachs forecasts the market for advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles will grow from about $3 billion last year to $96 billion in 2025 and $290 billion in 2035. Co-founded in 1999 by a computer science professor at Hebrew University, Mobileye went public in 2014 and today is valued at nearly $10 billion. The company's new EyeQ5 "system on chip" will be a key component in a fully autonomous driving system that is being jointly developed with BMW AG and Intel Corp and is aimed at production in 2021. The same survey noted that nearly 80 per cent of respondents would pay for the technology - including 10 per cent who would spend up to $5,000.Toyota Motor Corp, which is investing more than $1 billion in such self-driving technologies as robotics and artificial intelligence, said it aims to put fully driverless cars on the road in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.At least two of those startups - Quanergy which makes solid state lidar sensors, and Zoox, which is developing fully automated vehicle systems - have jumped in value to more than $1 billion each since GM's $1.The favorable response rates are much higher than in previous surveys on self-driving technology. A variety of technologies with overlapping capabilities is seen as a way to increase safety under a wider range of circumstances."I hope NHTSA does not overreact" to the crash, said Stefan Heck, co-founder of Nauto, another Silicon Valley self-driving startup with corporate backing. "The more sensors, the better.Industry executives are betting that consumer interest in the technology will rise.Quanergy and Zoox hope to follow the lead of Mobileye, an Israeli supplier of vision-based safety systems to 25 global automakers, including Tesla.Semi-automated systems such as General Motor Co's SuperCruise and Traffic Jam Pilot from Volkswagen AG's Audi are due on the market in 2017-2018."

As we move to a higher level of autonomy in vehicles, you’re going to want to have more redundancy," which radar and lidar can provide, Dan Galves, senior vice president at vision safety system maker Mobileye NV, said in an interview.Safety regulators and industry executives have said self-driving cars ultimately could slash traffic fatalities – about 35,000 last year in the United States and more than 1.News of the Tesla crash "is not going to put too much of a dent in public perception" of self-driving cars, said AlixPartners' Mark Wakefield."Carmakers have been using multiple sensors in prototypes that are in testing but not yet ready for market.The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating the role of Autopilot in the Florida accident and another crash in Pennsylvania involving a Tesla vehicle."Our clients want to (combine) lidar and cameras," Velodyne's Marta Hall, president of business development, told Reuters in an interview. Automakers are stepping up orders as lidar systems come down in size and price, she said. Ford Motor Co expects to deploy a semi-automated system, using Velodyne lidar, in 2018.."Product liability for automated vehicles is uncharted territory.Industry executives and analysts told Reuters they expect the Tesla crash will spur investment in self-driving vehicle systems that combine multiple of sensors, including lidar.Concerns raised by the first reported fatality in a semi-automated car were expected to speed adoption of more sensitive technology to help vehicles see and drive themselves safely, increasing demand on the emerging autonomous vehicle technology industry, investors and analysts said.The May 7 death Joshua Brown in a Tesla Motors Model S highlighted the limitations of current automated driving systems."Regulation and litigation wild cardsRegulation and litigation are two big wild cards for the autonomous driving sector. The US Transportation Department has said an automated driving system could be considered the "driver" for regulatory purposes

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The construction sector is one of the largest seasonal

The construction sector is one of the largest seasonal employment providers in India next only to agriculture, creating about 50 million jobs either directly or indirectly. For the first seven months of 2015, tractor sales fell by 19.83 in April-October 2014, registering a marginal growth of 3.4 per cent allowing it to crow about outpacing China. Yet the government seems focused on attracting investment, when the problem is to generate demand.64 per cent of total advances. That’s why most economists, businessmen and politicians maintain that moderate inflation levels are needed to drive consumption, as higher levels of spending are crucial for economic growth. But if that were so, bank credit to industry too should be keeping pace, which it is not.11 lakh units in same period a year ago.The writer, a policy analyst studying economic and security issues, held senior positions in government and industry.2 per cent, and since inflation (wholesale price index) has become negative 2.In the real world, nominal growth matters much more than the inflation-adjusted real growth.Clearly the sector needs a more liberal credit policy to encourage families to invest in property. Until October 2015, tractor sales continued to fall for the 13th consecutive month.For instance, Mumbai has a projected shortage of two million homes, but is unable to sell half its inventory pile-up because of unaffordable prices.4 per cent.As it is, the GDP growth rate was tweaked a bit by this government in February 2015, to put India on a higher trajectory, giving itself an added 2.8 per cent.This is the season of celebration.The US Federal Reserve typically targets an annual rate of inflation for the country, believing that a slowly increasing price level keeps businesses profitable and prevents consumers from waiting for lower prices.25 million vehicles including passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, three wheelers and two wheelers in April-October 2015 as against 13. Investment — domestic and foreign — is not the issue. Unsold inventory in the NCR rose 12. The sharp decline in direct tax collections is a sign of this.4 per cent in the previous three months, according to domestic rating agency ICRA.2 per cent.The demand projections promise a healthy outlook for this sector. If this were done in the last year of the Manmohan Singh government, the growth would have been a good-looking 6. He also specialises in the Chinese economy. For much of the past decade, India’s nominal GDP growth was in the 10-15 per cent range and corporate profitability growth was also in that range.

In the first half of 2014-15 nominal GVA was at 13. The shortage of urban houses stood at 18.9 per cent.1 million. The sector is mostly unorganised and more than 80 per cent of employment in building and construction sector is minimally skilled workforce. Most economists believe the primary function of inflation is to prevent deflation.2 per cent.33 lakh cars in November compared to 2.5 per cent. Whether it is cars and motorbikes, or homes.9 per cent instead of the dismal 4.5 per cent.2 per cent growth as a bonus. Consequently, banks’ credit growth dropped to a multi-year low of 8.3 per cent increase in manufacturing in the period.The car companies have dispatched about 2. Periods of optimism and buoyancy are when prices are rising, sales are rising and profits are rising.7 per cent. But inflation was almost 5 per cent last year and it is a negative 2 per cent this year.2 per cent, the real GDP is at 7. The country’s largest property market, the automotive interior and exterior molds national capital region (NCR), has a pile-up of inventory that would take close to 78 months to clear at the current pace of sales. The problem with the present year is that nominal GDP — the GDP before inflation — has fallen to a low of 5. But as they say the proof of the pudding is in the eating. But there seems to be less reason for cheer. Hence, nominal GDP often appears higher than real GDP.6 per cent for 10 years till 2022, when it will reach 34. And the people are not biting.To many who watch the economy closely, this year is significant because the nominal gross GDP growth rate has fallen to a 10-year low of 5. We have deflation now.However, developers in the country’s property markets have been struggling with slow sales, high unsold inventory, delayed construction and stalled projects.2 per cent.While most corporates are reporting flattening sales and falling profits, the government is crowing from the rooftops that real GDP is growing at 7.

Ironically, the data comes a day after the Central Statistics Office released the GDP data for the September quarter that showed a marked 9.07 per cent year-on-year.Since inflation used to be in the 4-8 per cent range, real GDP was in the 6-9 per cent range. This deflation has been primarily caused by the global collapse of commodity prices. According to Union finance minister Arun Jaitley, gross NPA’s of state-run banks rose 25.14 lakh crore in September 2015, constituting 5.2 per cent. The main difference between nominal and real GDP is that the latter is adjusted for inflation.Gross non-performing assets (NPA) of banks grew to 4. In the first half of 2015-16 nominal GVA is 6. Of this, credit to industry declined to 4.The automotive and construction sectors are the bellwethers of economic prosperity. India and the world’s largest two-wheeler maker, Hero MotoCorp, posted near flat sales, while at its nearest rival, Honda motorcycle and scooter, domestic sales fell nearly 12 per cent. Home sales in Mumbai dipped 9 per cent to 28,446 units and new launches dropped 47 per cent to 18,887 units. Rising inventory levels in a country where housing shortage is such a critical issue indicates that the supply that is available is unaffordable to many. All this implies some inflation.8 million units in 2012 and it is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 6. India adds one million people to its workforce every month and the growth of the construction sector is imperative to economic well-being, both because of the size of employment and the huge absorption of unskilled labour. There is mixed news from the automotive sector. It just means that in the year and a half since the United Progressive Alliance went out, the GDP has grown a mere 0.Nominal gross value added (GVA) is the measure of the value of goods and services produced in an area, industry or sector of an economy. But the real indicator of widespread buoyancy is the two-wheeler industry. Nominal growth matters for the government too, since tax revenues are also affected by deflation. But the popular mood is determined by profitability and not by economic legerdemain. Prices of oil, steel, copper, aluminium and coal among others have fallen to their lowest levels in many years. But this government claims a healthy GDP growth of 7.63 per cent to 235,908 apartments from a year ago.If inflation were positive, then real GDP growth would have been less than 5. But nominal GDP growth rate is a measure of current market prices.8 per cent as of the quarter ended September, from 4.19 per cent year-on-year to `3. We can tweak data and present them in more optically friendly terms. The news here is not so good. The industry produced a total 14.7 per cent calculated then. To a firm’s revenue, whether from realisations from current sales or projections for future, cash flows and investments; real growth hardly matters

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Siemens excels at helping makers of cars

But when it comes to processing industries such as petrochemicals, Siemens has been at a disadvantage to rivals such as industrial machinery and controller makers Honeywell or ABB, which have longer-standing relationships with major oil and gas players.One such opportunity that Siemens has grasped is at German biotech company BioNTech, which enlisted Siemens to help develop personalised anti-cancer treatments made with just a few drops of medicine rather than mass producing thousands of litres.”Siemens, one of Germany’s most famous industrial names, was founded in 1847 and is active in electrification, automation, industrial software and the manufacture of products from trains to turbines.“Being able to produce in a batch size of one product is the Holy Grail for industrial firms,” said David Humphrey, an analyst at ARC.This kind of small-batch production will require more automation and digitisation of processes.Under a new strategy likely to be announced on Thursday along with quarterly results, analysts expect Siemens to announce it is incorporating process automation within its broader factory automation business, which aims to digitise and streamline production for clients to improve efficiency.“In the past, an individual dose would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but we are looking to reduce this to a tenth of a 15th of the cost,” Poetting said.“The market in process automation is growing at around 3 to 4 per cent per year and our intention is to grow faster than that,” Eberle said in an interview at the division’s offices in Karlsruhe, Germany.

The Mainz-based company, which is working with Roche’s Genentech arm, uses Siemens software to produce trial batches of drugs which identify and attack cancerous cells.“We have been developing very well, and have been gaining market share,” Eckard Eberle, Siemens’s head of process automation, told Reuters.But analysts reckon Siemens has a decent chance of success at galvanising its process automation Automotive molds Manufacturers business. “The company’s expertise in software is a big reason for this. “We are doing that already.Unlike the Digital Factory division, which houses Siemens’ discrete manufacturing software and has been the star performer, Process Industries and Drives (PID) has been one of the weakest-performing divisions.“Each person’s cancer is 95 per cent different, so the ultimate target is to produce medicines for the individual in only small quantities which enable the immune system to identify their specific cancer and attack it,” said Sierk Poetting, BioNTech’s chief operating officer.”(Source).“It is not something you can produce in large quantities and put on the shelves to treat lots of people.“I’ve heard they are in the top three in new installations right now,” he said.German engineering group Siemens is redoubling its efforts in an area where it has traditionally lagged: managing the processing of materials into medicines, chemicals or foodstuffs. It also had the second-lowest operating profit margin, at 5 per cent, less than half the overall 11.The Munich-based company employs 377,000 people worldwide and generated revenue of 83 billion euros in 2017.”At present Siemens has a 15 per cent share in the $14 billion global market for distributed control systems - the computer “brains” which oversee production - lagging market leaders ABB and Honeywell, according to ARC, an industrial analyst company.2 per cent.PID, which represents about 10 per cent of group sales, saw its revenue fall 1 per cent last year, while orders grew by only 2 per cent.Now Siemens is investing in the technology used to control mixing, heating, and pressurising ingredients in the process industry - enabling the small-batch and hybrid production of products like drugs, where personalised and niche products are becoming more common.

Siemens excels at helping makers of cars, planes and trains make their production and assembly smarter by using its software to create distinct items and components - so-called discrete manufacturing.“With large-scale process automation, such as downstream oil and gas, there are not many greenfield opportunities and the incumbents sitting on a large installed base have a clear advantage,” said James Stettler of Barclays.Simon Toennessen, an analyst at Berenberg, said Siemens was doing well in acquiring new business in process automation.”BioNTech’s project would not have been possible without a digital set up.“With more smaller batch manufacturing and hybrid projects, there’s more contracts around to go for. They are trying to leverage the strong design and simulation capabilities they have in the automotive and aerospace side and now deploying that into process industries

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It noted existing regulations requiring some auto safety

It noted existing regulations requiring some auto safety equipment can not be waived immediately, including requirements for braking systems activated by foot control. NHTSA raised the question of whether humans in the vehicles should also be made aware.Washington: US vehicle safety regulators have said the artificial intelligence system piloting a self-driving Google car could be considered the driver under federal law, a major step toward ultimately winning approval for autonomous vehicles on the roads.In its response to China bumper molds Google, the federal agency offered its most comprehensive map yet of the legal obstacles to putting fully autonomous vehicles on the road. The NHTSA counsel said Google could consider applying for exemptions for certain regulations, providing NHTSA with supporting documents.Google's self-driving car unit on November 12 submitted a proposed design for a self-driving with no need for a human driver. California has proposed draft rules requiring steering wheels and a licensed driver in all self-driving cars.Google's self-driving car unit on November 12 submitted a proposed design for a self-driving car that has "no need for a human driver," the letter to Google from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Chief Counsel Paul Hemmersbaugh said.Worries about people undermining safety Google told NHTSA that the real danger is having auto safety features that could tempt humans to try to take control.

Karl Brauer, senior analyst for the Kelley Blue Book automotive research firm, said there were still significant legal questions surrounding autonomous vehicles. could be detrimental to safety because the human occupants could attempt to override the (self-driving system's) decisions," the NHTSA letter stated.All participants in the autonomous driving race complain that state and federal safety rules are impeding testing and eventual deployment of such vehicles.For example, current federal rules require alerts on dashboards if tire pressure runs low.Google "expresses concern that providing human occupants of the vehicle with mechanisms to control things like steering, acceleration, braking.Google is "still evaluating" NHTSA's lengthy response, a company spokesperson said on Tuesday. "The next question is whether and how Google could certify that the (self-driving system) meets a standard developed and designed to apply to a vehicle with a human driver," NHTSA said.. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said the administration may seek new legal authority to allow deployment of autonomous vehicles "in large numbers," when they are deemed safe, the department said.In January, NHTSA said it may waive some vehicle safety rules to allow more driverless cars to operate on US roads as part of a broader effort to speed up development of self-driving vehicles. 4 letter to the company posted on the agency's website this week."We agree with Google its (self-driving car) will not have a 'driver' in the traditional sense that vehicles have had drivers during the last more than one hundred years.NHTSA's Hemmersbaugh said federal regulations requiring equipment like steering wheels and brake pedals would have to be formally rewritten before Google could offer cars without those features.

NHTSA said a test would need to be created that shows the vehicle computer is informed of the problem.If the car's computer is the driver for legal purposes, then it clears the way for Google or automakers to design vehicle systems that communicate directly with the vehicle's artificial pilot...The process of rewriting federal regulations governing the design, placement and operation of vehicle controls could take months or years. "NHTSA will interpret 'driver' in the context of Google's described motor vehicle design as referring to the (self-driving system), and not to any of the vehicle occupants," NHTSA's letter said.The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration told Google, a unit of Alphabet Inc, of its decision in a previously unreported Feb. NHTSA said then it would write guidelines for self-driving cars within six months. Google executives have said they would likely partner with established automakers to build self-driving cars.But if "NHTSA is prepared to name artificial intelligence as a viable alternative to human-controlled vehicles, it could substantially streamline the process of putting autonomous vehicles on the road," he said."Major automakers and technology companies such as Google are racing to develop and sell vehicles that can drive themselves at least part of the time

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So will the Konkan Kanya to Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg

At Sandhurst Road, the two tracks of the Harbour Line part from the four tracks of the Central Line, meeting once at Kurla, ne’er to meet again. The Duronto to Nagpur – and my parents – passes by.Listen to the clang of trains being shunted and an engine’s call. Beyond is the harbour that gives the city its name: “Bom Bahia” (meaning “good bay”). Southbound services overflow with light; the doors of ’burb-bound locals are darkened by clinging, straining bodies.Fourteen cavernous godowns are separated by cobblestone plazas. The nearby offices of Raj and Co. Today, a few men load white parcels into a single windowless luggage van stabled at one of the few godowns still in use. I have eyes only for the eponymous railway that adorns the city’s “other” coast like a less ostentatious necklace: the humble, plodding Harbour Line. Grass grows between rails, and vegetables are grown between tracks. To admire the railway, climb the hill and enter the garden. Faded orange bunting harks of a union function. Each godaam shelters an island platform that was once flanked by two side lines; most of these have been stripped away. (Clearing, Forwarding Transport Agents) consist China Automotive molds of three chairs, a table, and a solitary clerk flipping desultorily through a yellowed register. This arboretum boasts of old trees, vast lawns, lovers in gazebos, swotting students, jogging aunties, blink-and-you-miss-them exit staircases, and a vantage point to view Mumbai’s three main modes of transport: road, ship, and rail. From your height, it looks like a toy train.The abandoned platforms are strewn with spools of thick cables, cannibalised machines, and obsolete wooden sleepers arranged in a pyre.Leap onto the parapet.

So will the Konkan Kanya to Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg and Goa, and our old friend the Mahanagari, to Khandwa and Itarsi and Jabalpur and Satna and…— By arrangement with TheCityStory. Watch the sun set over colonial Bombay. Walk past the baby-blue staircase leading up to the office of the Senior Sectional Engineer (Electric) and find yourself in a station area like no other. One godown has been commandeered by a shantytown. Mismatched rakes of the old and new Rajdhanis, pantry cars, sleeper coaches, bio-toilets, and generator vans reach the end of the line – and life – here. No one else is in sight. The clickety-clack of trains hurtling on the ground over concrete sleepers is replaced by the thunder of Harbour Line trains ascending the ramp over metal ones; Sandhurst Road is the only station to have platforms at two levels. Trample past some shrubs and lo! – an ancient nine-coach rake trundles out of unseen Dockyard Road, curves eastwards over an expansive train yard, and reaches Sandhurst Road seconds after the guard’s cabin has cleared Dockyard. – Shipbuilders to the Nation.Dockyard Road railway station abuts Bhandarwada Hill, which is crowned by a garden named after Joseph Baptista, Tilak associate, Bombay mayor and local Mazagaon boy. Hop over the railing. So do the Howrah Mail to Calcutta and the Devagiri Express to Secunderabad. If only you had a remote. Clothes dry on a wire strung between mighty pillars that support this once buzzing yard.Beside the railway is a hill and on the hill is a garden.Wadi Bunder is an old age home/graveyard for derelict compartments. I count the coaches of every outstation train – a childhood obsession.

The roof is corrugated metal. Come evening, spotlights are switched on.“And he stood upon the foot overbridge, Lord of all he surveyed.In the foreground is the conveyor belt of the Eastern Freeway. This is where Miss Havisham would park her personal train. The walls consist of 15 or 20-foot high stone arches joined by brick. Someone alert Sanjay Gupta about this readymade film set.Clamber down the seldom used stairs of Sandhurst Road’s Platform Number 4.The foot overbridge shudders as a local enters the station, the rails gleaming in its headlamp.” – Gospel of Mrigank. Young men in rolled-up trousers hose the exterior while ragpickers scamper through the inside, cleaning the train before its 1,500 kilometre journey to the north. In its 20th century heyday, Wadi Bunder was the city’s premier hub for goods transport, employing thousands of labourers.Walk back towards, under, and past the station. Behind it looms the mammoth yellow arch of Mazagon Dock Ltd. The unlit coaches of a train crawl out of Wadi Bunder towards CST, soon to burst with light and people. Climb a concrete ramp between stationary trains and watch 11093 Down CST-Varanasi Mahanagari Express being prepped for tonight’s journey

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I spent almost a week using the speaker and thought

I spent almost a week using the speaker and thought that while it had a wonderful exterior, there were some critical quality issues which it missed on.The speaker also supports answering calls, directly by using its in-built microphone.Along with these, it also supports FM radio and has a 2,000mAh battery which provides it with 6-8 hours of playback. The two volume buttons also change songs for the speaker.VerdictBluetooth speakers are great for those wanting to enjoy the good quality sound for group settings. However learning how to do this, wasted time as well as obstructed smooth usage.At the top, it has four buttons to help you find your way around your music which includes a power/mute button, two volume buttons and a play/pause button. The uses vary — parties, outdoor camping, or calm and sober gatherings.

The speaker is marked at Rs 3,490; however, it is available for around Rs 2,000 on e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart. The design looks good and the speaker also feels quite sturdy and feels like it wholesale bumper molds would be able to withstand a few drops. It also has a rope at the top which doubles up as a handle, to make carrying it around easy.PerformanceThe Sound One Drum produces some sibilance at high volumes of high pitched-songs, something which many songs suitable for parties have in common. However, when I used it my voice was very low on the receiving end. Promising enhanced audio quality with a tough, durable exterior the speaker launched priced at Rs 3,490 at stores and e-commerce websites. These cannot be turned off, which annoyed me a bit since listening to music, watching a film or a video in the dark would be a little less enjoyable because of its shifting lights.BuildThe speaker has a cylindrical, drum-like shape with a cloth mesh cover on a plastic body.Rating: Hong-Kong-based manufacturer Sound One’s Drum Bluetooth speaker launched in March this year. With some sibilance being heard and its external looks and durability seemingly average, Sound One’s Drum Bluetooth speaker seems to be a little over-priced for its performance.5 with EDR technology and has a microSD card slot and a Micro-USB port and an aux input.

However, the top looks quite attractive as it is decorated by a jazzy display of lights circling around the keys and a small circle in-between them. The buttons needed to be long-pressed to change the volume and short-pressed for changing songs. Read further to understand what exactly missed the mark on the Sound One Drum. The 10 Watt speaker supports Bluetooth 4. Spending time getting used to this led to changing songs frequently when I just wanted to change the volume and leading to an overall frustrating experience. This should not matter much however, since the feature would only be used occasionally for Bluetooth speaker. To decide on whether your purchase of Sound One’s Drum speaker would be a good decision, you would have to classify your use for it as one among these three or more.. Thus these two things would make it unfit for hosting loud parties. Along with this, the speaker also does not have a very high maximum volume. After a sizeable amount of time spent using the speaker, we would say that the latter is probably what the Sound One Drum would be best used for

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Several studies have shown current face-recognition systems

Several cities, led by San Francisco last year, have banned use of facial recognition by municipal agencies.S.Williams said he thought it was a prank call. Investigators had scanned grainy surveillance camera footage of an alleged 2018 theft inside a Shinola watch store in midtown Detroit, police records show.The case is likely to fuel a movement in Detroit and around the U.DataWorks Plus, a South Carolina company that provides facial recognition technology to Detroit and the Michigan State Police, also couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.At the top of the facial recognition report, produced by Michigan State Police, was a warning in bold, capitalized letters that the computer’s finding should be treated as an investigative lead, not as probable cause for arrest. It was during his interrogation the next day that it became clear to him that he was improperly identified by facial recognition software.Prosecutors later dismissed the case, but without China Cadillac Medium Grille Manufacturers prejudice _ meaning they could potentially pursue it again.A Black man who says he was unjustly arrested because facial recognition technology mistakenly identified him as a suspected shoplifter is calling for a public apology from Detroit police.

Several studies have shown current face-recognition systems more likely to err when identifying people with darker skin.The complaint by Robert Williams is a rare challenge from someone who not only experienced an erroneous face recognition hit, but was able to discover that it was responsible for his subsequent legal troubles.Providers of police facial recognition systems often point to research showing they can be accurate when used properly under ideal conditions. Louis Cardinals baseball cap.Police records show the case began in October 2018 when five expensive watches went missing from the flagship store of Detroit-based luxury watchmaker Shinola. “Facial Recognition came back with a hit” _ for Williams. A review of the industry’s leading facial recognition algorithms by the National Institute of Standards and Technology found they were more than 99% accurate when matching high-quality head shots to a database of other frontal poses. It’s not clear why.But trying to identify a face from a video feed _ especially using the ceiling-mounted cameras commonly found in stores _ can cause accuracy rates to plunge.“Video and stills were sent to Crime Intel for facial recognition,” says a brief police report.The Wednesday complaint filed on Williams’ behalf alleges that his Michigan driver license photo _ kept in a statewide image repository — was incorrectly flagged as a likely match to a shoplifting suspect. protesting police brutality, racial injustice and the death of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis.“The investigating officer looked confused, told Mr. Studies have also shown that face recognition systems don’t perform equally across race, gender and age _ working best on white men and with potentially harmful consequences for others. “It was one of the most shocking things that I ever had happen to me. Williams that the computer said it was him but then acknowledged that ‘the computer must have gotten it wrong,”” the ACLU complaint says..That led to what Williams describes as a humiliating January arrest in front of his wife and young daughters on their front lawn in the Detroit suburb of Farmington Hills.But Detroit detectives then showed a 6-photo lineup that included Williams to the loss-prevention worker, who positively identified Williams, according to the report. And for the department to abandon its use of the controversial technology.Detroit police and Wayne County prosecutors didn’t immediately return emailed requests for comment Wednesday.“I can’t really even put it into words,” Williams said in a video announcement describing the daytime arrest that left his daughters weeping.Concerns about bias and growing scrutiny of policing practices following Floyd’s death led tech giants IBM, Amazon and Microsoft to announce earlier this month they would stop selling face recognition software to police, at least until Congress can establish guidelines for its use.

The ACLU complaint said Detroit police “unthinkingly relied on flawed and racist facial recognition technology without taking reasonable measures to verify the information being provided. But they showed up soon after at his house, took him away in handcuffs and detained him overnight. A loss-prevention worker later reviewed the video footage showing the suspect to be a Black man wearing a St. It took months for police to issue an arrest warrant and several more before they called Williams at work and asked him to come to the police department.” It called the resulting investigation “shoddy and incomplete,” the officers involved “rude and threatening,” and said the department has dragged its feet responding to public-information requests for relevant records.”The 42-year-old automotive worker, backed by the American Civil Liberties Union, is demanding a public apology, final dismissal of his case and for Detroit police to scrap its use of facial recognition technology. Detroit activists have presented reforms to the city’s mayor and police chief that include defunding the police department and ending its use of facial recognition

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She said the family is not planning a funeral or memorial service for her

Cocktail party guests at Marthas Vineyard included New York Times sportswriter Red Smith, painter Thomas Hart Benton and opera star Beverly Sills.She settled on writing instead, and her first book, “The Black Prince and Other Stories, was published in 1954, when she was 26.Graus husband, James Kern Feibleman, a businessman and chairman of Tulanes philosophy department, died in 1987 at 83. She was 91.Critics often pointed to the short stories for praise, and the author said she agreed with the assessment..They also are survived by daughter Katherine F.Grau died Monday in a New Orleans-area memory care facility of complications from a stroke, her daughter Nora McAlister of Metairie said Wednesday. Miner of Houston; sons Ian J.“It was fun to be the waitress at those cocktail parties, McAlister recalled. Im working out dialogue.

Grau said Ku Klux Klansmen, angry over the book amid the heat of the civil rights movement, tried to burn a cross on her yard in Metairie, a New Orleans suburb.But she said conductor Guy Harrison was the guest who most impressed her mother, who China injection molds Suppliers loved music and “originally wanted to be a musician - a violinist.“I came home from kindergarten to a house full of reporters and I didnt know what was going on, McAlister recalled.McAlister said that as a young teenager she once wandered into the kitchen of their summer home on Marthas Vineyard and found her mother chopping vegetables and talking _ apparently to nobody. Grau replied, “My characters are talking. She said the family is not planning a funeral or memorial service for her.Grau won the 1965 Pulitzer Prize for her fourth book, “The Keepers of the House.Many of Graus stories deal with sudden, unexplained events and their aftermath.

She said she pondered careers as a classics professor or lawyer, but found sexism too pervasive in academia and the law.“It scorched a few feet of grass and it scared the neighbours, but I wasnt even here.Grau said she had little interest in what was written about her work and grew tired of both the label “Southern woman writer and the frequent comparisons of her work to that of fellow Southerner Flannery OConnor. I was at Marthas Vineyard. In the 2003 interview, she recalled that she was fascinated as a child with Greek and Latin, but also loved roaming the woods.Startled, McAlister asked what her mother was doing.“The only unfortunate thing about Graus stories is precisely that they are short - each is a glimpse of landscapes both interior and exterior that ends too soon, said a brief 2003 New York Times review of ``Collected Stories.

Her six novels and four short story collections were all set in the Deep South, from New Orleans to north Louisiana and Alabama. Feibleman of Metairie; and six grandchildren.Author Kurt Vonnegut came to lunch in Metairie and publisher Alfred Knopf came to dinner. “The Hunter tells of what happens to a woman who miraculously survives a small plane crash.They apparently forgot to bring a shovel, and couldnt drive the cross into the ground, so set it on fire flat on the lawn, she told The Associated Press in 2003.New Orleans: Shirley Ann Grau, a Pulitzer Prize-winning fiction writer whose stories and novels told of both the dark secrets and the beauty of the Deep South, has died.The book drew critical praise but also threatening phone calls for its depiction of a long romance between a wealthy white man and his black housekeeper in rural Alabama.

Grau was born in New Orleans and grew up in Mobile, Alabama, the daughter of a physician.That “made perfect sense to me and I now understood what my mother was doing. Feibleman of Georgetown, Texas, and William L. It all had kind of a Groucho Marx ending to it, she said.Grau attended a private high school in New Orleans, then Tulane Universitys Newcomb College.“She was amazed he was there in her home, McAlister said. She was working, McAlister said. “The Man Outdoors is about what happens to a family when the father moves out, then disappears completely, after having a vision thats never explained. Critics would later note in her fiction meticulous descriptions of flowers, plants and trees.

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